Layover Life, A Summary

When thinking about flight attendants it's easy to imagine that every layover is like a vacation, paid for by the company, at the swankiest hotel possible. And I won't lie, yes, sometimes that happens, and you feel obliged to post one of those "I'm getting paid for this" pictures of you lying on a beach … Continue reading Layover Life, A Summary



There's something peaceful about takeoff. After the madness of the boarding process, helping customers find seats, passing out head phones and seat belt extenders, doing safety checks, cross-checking and double checking that the doors arm armed, performing the safety demo, and assuring customers about tight connections. After all that, you strap yourself into the jumpseat, … Continue reading Take-off

Training: Week Two

Flight attendant training is such a strange beast. In no other job training are you subject to a daily changing dress code, appearance checks for compliance to strict guidelines, or such strict monitoring of behavior. It's not uncommon to find you and your classmates out on the pool deck, repeatedly chanting and yelling evac commands … Continue reading Training: Week Two