Chicago O’Hare Airport Review

I haven’t written in a while, and I’ve been wanting to do a series on airports and hotels I’ve stayed at, giving pros and cons, and maybe a little insider knowledge. I figured why not start with the airport I’m based at!

O’Hare is a big airport, if you are lugging a heavy suitcase around its halls be confident in the knowledge you will be getting your cardio workout for the day. But thankfully, the airport is aware of its size and has many moving walkways to help get you there faster. Bless moving walkways!

The terminals I work out of are some of my favorite. Incredibly tall, metal and glass ceilings which let in a beautiful amount of natural light during the day. I remember the first time I saw it, and I had to stop and snap a picture. It definitely makes an impression. 

Above is the picture I took when I first landed in ORD!

Now food wise, there are some good dining options, frontera is always popular and there are two Starbucks. But all of the food places are small and lines are usually long, especially early in the morning and midday. But there are several options, everything from McDonald’s to Chili’s to Smoothie King. You are sure to find something to nibble on between flights. 

Bathrooms are numerous and always very clean. However the toilet seats are confusing for first timers. Yes, that plastic wrap is supposed to be there. They all have this feature where you can change the plastic wrap covering the seat to make it more sanitary for your bottom. I’ve never seen it anywhere else and I’ve never heard anyone remark on it. Perhaps I’m the only one that thinks it’s strange? 

All in all:


  • Beautiful architecture
  • Good amount of dining options
  • Clean and numerous bathrooms
  • Moving walkways 😘
  • The dinosaur is dead*
  • Lots of signs for easy navigation
  • Direct access by foot to all other terminals (except the international terminal)
  • You might see me walking by
  • There is a disco tunnel you get to walk through that connects terminals B and C
  • Walking access to city train system


  • Can be very crowded, especially near the TSA check points
  • The beautiful ceilings sometimes leak (please avoid the buckets)
  • The plastic toilet seat cover is a bit weird
  • The airport really is very large and there is no train system between terminals (except for the international terminal)
  • Food places are usually very crowded and the line for Starbucks has been known to make grown men cry
  • You will run into people who do not know moving walkway etiquette. Try not to run them over with your carry-on
  • Sometimes finding the right terminal is difficult, and it’s even harder to try to explain how to get from C to F

That’s my review of O’Hare! Here’s a fun fact: O’Hare’s airport code is ORD because it was originally called Orchard Field Airport and was part of an airplane factory! (For more info you can look on Wikipedia. That’s where I got this info is what I’m saying.)

So thank you for reading my first review! I hope to do some more in the future. Let me know if you have any pros or cons to add!

*Yes, you read that right. There’s a life size cast of a dinosaur (apotosaurus maybe? One of those long-necked ones). It is thankfully no longer alive as if it were it would probably cause a lot more delays than the weather in Chicago. It is handy for giving directions to terminal C. As in “when you see the dinosaur, go down the escalator”. It is standing tall and proud in terminal B, right next to the Starbucks. You can see its spine and ribs in the picture I posted above!


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