There’s something peaceful about takeoff. After the madness of the boarding process, helping customers find seats, passing out head phones and seat belt extenders, doing safety checks, cross-checking and double checking that the doors arm armed, performing the safety demo, and assuring customers about tight connections. After all that, you strap yourself into the jumpseat, turn down the lights, and there is peace. The engines rev and all two-hundred plus people onboard are quiet, waiting in their designated seats for that magical moment. That moment when the plane turns down the runway, leaps forward, and leaves the ground behind. 

I am in love with take-offs. The power of the engines, the anticipation of soon being somewhere else and as a flight attendant, the careful attentiveness for anything that might be going wrong. Take-off is exciting and full of possibility. The pause between the madness of boarding and the madness service. 

It’s a great time to get to know your crew mate sitting next to you, who you’ve likely just met for the first time and might be spending the next four days working closely with. It’s a good time to realize what you forgot to pack, or what you need to get at the store when you get home (after performing a silent review of course). It’s a good time to take a moment and let it sink in that you made it. You are a flight attendant, something you’ve worked hard for, something that finally feels right, that you’ve finally found your niche. 

My career as a flight attendant is just taking off. Two months in, I still feel excited coming to work, still find every day exciting and full of new challenges. I can’t wait to see where else this career will take me. 


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