Training: Week Two

Flight attendant training is such a strange beast. In no other job training are you subject to a daily changing dress code, appearance checks for compliance to strict guidelines, or such strict monitoring of behavior. It’s not uncommon to find you and your classmates out on the pool deck, repeatedly chanting and yelling evac commands well past sunset. To those who haven’t gone through this training, this may seem frightening or mildly amusing. In reality it couldn’t be more serious. You might one day hold the lives of three hundred people in your hands. And these chants will help keep everyone safe.

With everyone from your class living in the same hotel as you it begins to feel like a small town, where you always see the same people. You might not be close friends with them, but you’ll watch their back and help them out in an instant, no questions asked.

Time is weird too. You don’t believe the classes who are further along when they tell you that you will lose track of time. But then you realize you no longer know what day it is, and a look at the calendar reveals training only started three days ago. It will feel like three weeks.

But with this strange distortion of time comes the quick bonds you make with your classmates. These will be the co-workers you will have to depend on in a crisis. You have each other’s backs and help one another through the fast pace and stress of exam after exam.

In no other profession can you go from talking about what hairspray to use to keep flyaway’s down or what lipstick lasts all day, and then switch over to how to save someone’s life, or how to prevent a plane from being engulfed in flame. And all of these topics are equally important.

Flight attendant training is a unique experience, a lead up to a job that will afford you with more unique experiences than you could imagine. As someone in the throes of it, all I can say is, rely on one another, (That’s part of the job anyway, right?) and hang on tight, because in several weeks you’ll have your wings, and then… well, then the sky’s the limit.


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