Job Hunting Tips: Where To Start

There are many ways to go about finding a job, everything from walking door to door and asking businesses if they are hiring (only mildly successful I think, what with so many businesses having online applications) to simply googling who is hiring.

Now most of my job search has been done online, but going to job fairs or dropping by businesses and asking to speak to a hiring manager are also good places to start. If you have any advice or ideas on how to find a job please comment below!

On the online job hunting front I have found two websites that have really been quite helpful. The first is They have job postings that you can click on links to apply for, or if you’ve uploaded a resume and created a profile, you can apply right from the site. You can also refine your search by job type (full time, part time, temporary, etc.), location, company, or salary. You can even set it up so you receive emails when new jobs you might be interested in are posted. If you are looking for a job, start there, it’s a great resource.

Glassdoor is also a very helpful website. Especially once you’ve scored an interview. Search the company and you’ll see a list of salaries from employees that have posted, and if you go to the interview section, you’ll find questions you might be asked and advice on what to expect. If you want to be prepared, definitely check this site out.

I’ve also been using Similar to Indeed, this site has a bunch of job postings that you can search and apply to. Except this one, as the name suggests, is for government jobs only. You can also set up email notifications from job openings and the refine search options are even more advanced than Indeed’s. You can also make a profile and upload a resume that you can then make searchable, so any recruiters looking through the sites bank of resumes might see yours and contact you. The only problem I’m running into with this site is that there are not a lot of entry level jobs being posted.

Another good thing to do is look up companies you wouldn’t mind working for and search their websites for a careers page. Most likely they are going to have some postings there that won’t be anywhere else.

Well, good luck to you and as always if you have any advice please leave a comment!


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